Ajax Webinar 14/4-23

Missa inte chansen att delta i Ajax webinar och lär dig mer om Ajax LightSwitch & LifeQuality!

Recently Ajax LightSwitch (smart light switch) and Ajax LifeQuality (smart air quality monitor) became available for sale to end users. These devices complemented the Ajax automation devices and created a separate product line - Comfort and Productivity.

Join our webinar to learn about effective LightSwitch and LifeQuality sales scenarios and mechanics.


Who will benefit from the webinar

  • existing Ajax security installers
  • electrician installation companies and integrators
  • sales specialists in security companies
  • smart home systems engineers

What you’ll learn at the webinar

  • how to enhance security of any object with LightSwitch
  • why selling one LightSwitch to end user is a profitable and promising service
  • why the value of LifeQuality is much more important than its price
  • the  prospects for cross-selling with Ajax new product line Comfort and Productivity

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