Ajax Brandplate for StreetSiren DoubleDeck (black)

AX Egen front för utomhussiren (Svart)

Faceplate for branding StreetSiren DoubleDeck
Free promotion of security services
Security service providers can print their logo and contact information on the front panel of an outdoor siren
Located at the building, it will serve as an additional marketing channel that reaches new customers, neighbors and visitors

Tech specs

Classification - Faceplate for StreetSiren DoubleDeck

Installation method - Clip lock and a screw

Color - White/Black

Material - Plastic

Operating temperature range - From -25°С to +60°С

Permissible humidity - Up to 95%

Dimensions - 184 × 184 × 17 mm

Weight - 111 g

Replacement and repair within 24 months of the date of sale
If the device does not function properly, we recommend that you first contact the support service as technical issues can be resolved!

Complete set:
Brandplate faceplates (10 pcs per batch)
Quick Start Guide

Category Alarm
Sub-category Ajax
Brand Ajax
Alarm Type Tillbehör
Color Svart