Ajax Holder for Button/DoubleButton black

AX Hållare för tryckknapp 1/2 knapp (Svart)

Bracket to fix Button or DoubleButton on surfaces
Holder helps to install the panic button where it will be rapidly accessible in an emergency and makes using the remote control for
scenarios even more convenient. The wireless device will remain portable and the button can be quickly detached from the holder and used as a key fob
Holder design does not compromise the ergonomics of the button and provides a secure fit
It could be attached to a surface with two screws or on double-sided adhesive tape—thanks to 
the large, flat area, even such an installation method is reliable
Button and DoubleButton are attached and detached from the holder in one motion
No need to use any tools and waste time

Tech specs
Material - Plastic

Operating temperature range - From -10°C to +40°С

Operating humidity - Up to 75%

Dimensions - 47.1 x 37.9 x 14.2 mm

Weight - 3.5 g

Complete Set
Holder for Button/DoubleButton
Installation kit
Quick Start Guide

Category Alarm
Sub-category Ajax
Brand Ajax
Alarm Type Tillbehör
Color Svart