Fibra Case (106×168×56) white

Fibra Case
Casing for secure wired connection of Ajax devices

This is the device of the Fibra product line. This product line is developed for projects. Only accredited Ajax Systems partners can sell, install, and administer Fibra products.

Number of devices

To install more devices, select a model with a different number of slots:
  • Case (175×225×57);
  • Case (260×210×93);
  • Case (430×400×133).

Plastic latches

to secure a device
Slide the latches to remove the device.

Cable fasteners

to hold the cables together with ties

Plastic stoppers

to protect the installed device
During drilling, the drill bit rests on the Case stoppers.

Bubble level

To check the inclination angle of the mount during installation.

Recesses for drilling

Ø16 mm or Ø20 mm
The drill bit is fixed in the recess and does not move during drilling. We recommend using a hole saw for plastic.

Wider holes

To ensure that the casing is installed correctly, even if there are errors during installation.

Tamper board

Included in the Case complete set. The tamper board connects to the appropriate device connector and protects the installed device from sabotage.

Rotate the device

by 180°
The device is fixed in two positions. You can turn it 180°.

Holding screws

in the casing lid

Rotate the lid

by 180°
The lid of Case (106×168×56) can be rotated 180° during installation.


to secure the lid during installation
The latches prevent the lid from falling off Case until it is secured with screws.


106 × 168 × 56 mm


186 g

Operating temperature range

from −10 °C to +40 °C

Operating humidity

up to 75%

Protection class


Category Alarm
Sub-category Ajax Fibra (kräver certifiering)
Brand Ajax Fibra (Only Certified)
Alarm Type Reservdelar
Color Vit