Dahua PFM700-E HDMI förlängning


 HDMI Extender 

Enheten möjliggör överföring av signal med hög upplösning till tv-apparat utrustad med HDMI-anslutning via partvinnad kabel kat. 5e, 6.


  • Power supply: Input voltage DC5V, only supply for transmitter.
  • Transmission effect: Real-time transmission HDMI video signal, no delay, strong anti-interference.
  • Transmission distance: HDMI transmission distance 50m (max.164ft), with CAT6 of pure copper cable(DC impedance is less than 9.5 ohm for every 100 meters(328ft)).
  • Infrared function: support to transmit one-way infrared remote control signal.
  • Main functions: Use single UTP (CAT-5E and CAT-6) to transmit 1-ch HDMI video signal, support HDMI 1.3; Support HDMI local loop output; Support EDID.
  • Protection and anti-interference: Excellent anti-thunder, anti-static and anti-interference capabilities.
  • Appearance structure: No need to install driver program and set network parameters, easy to use and convenient to install.
Category CCTV
Sub-category Accessory
Brand Dahua