PG2 Trådlös I/O modul WL-IOG


The WL-IOG is a two-way wireless transceiver which comprises two general purpose inputs, two general
purpose outputs (PGM) and an on-board magnetic sensor (reed-switch).

Each of the two general purpose inputs can be remotely configured as 'Normally-Closed', 'Normally-Open',
'End-of-Line' or 'Double-End-of-Line' input.

The general purpose outputs are designed for controlling apparatuses having dry-contact control inputs.
These general purpose outputs can withstand up to 15VDC (OFF state, open loop) and are capable of
sinking up to 1A (ON state, close loop).

The device is tamper protected, both front cover tamper and back mounting tamper.
Operating power is obtained from an on-board 3V Lithium battery. The battery voltage is monitored and
reported when low battery conditions are detected.

Category Alarm
Sub-category PowerMaster
Brand Visonic
Alarm Type Övriga enheter

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