PG2 Tower-32 Dual K9-40 Rörelsedetektor


TOWER-32AM K9-90 PG2 (pet-immun) Dual Technology är tvåvägs,
mikroprocessorstyrda, trådlösa digitala PIR-detektorer som speglar gränssnitt med PowerMaster-10 och PowerMaster-30 kontrollpaneler (version 16 och högre) och som innehåller följande funktioner:


  • Adaptive Active Infra-Red Anti-Masking technology providing the most advanced reliable protection against intentional masking attempts (patent pending)
  • Includes a fully supervised PowerG transceiver.
  • 24 GHz K-band microwave module.
  • Incorporates patent pending black mirrors for extremely high white light immunity.
  • Advanced elliptical / parabolic mirror technology (patent pending)
  • Provides multiple curtain coverage (patent pending)
  • V-slot® optic technology (patent pending) for improved robustness, anti-vandalism and for very high reliability.
  • Creep zone protection
  • TOWER-32AM K9-90 PG2 can distinguish between human beings and pets weighing up to 40 kg (90 lb).
  • The advanced True Motion Recognition™ algorithm (patented) allows distinguishing between the true motion of an intruder and any other disturbances which may cause false alarms.
  • Built-in auto diagnostic for both PIR and microwave detectors.
  • Built-in link quality indicators; no need for the installer to physically approach the control panel thus making installation faster and easier.
  • No vertical adjustment is needed.
  • Motion event counter determines whether 1 or 2 consecutive motion events will trigger an alarm.
  • Automatic termination of walk-test after 15 minutes.
  • Microprocessor controlled, digital TMR signal processing with dual-slope digital temperature compensation.
  • Sealed chamber protects the optical system.
  • Front and back tamper protection.
  • Microwave anti-masking
  • Disguise mode that detects an intruder who cloaks his IR radiation.
Category Alarm
Sub-category PowerMaster
Brand Visonic
Alarm Type Rörelsedetektorer

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