RBT Seismo Control Unit



The Seismo Security System is based on sensitive seismic technology which provides a comprehensive solution for access-route protection.


The Seismo operates with seismic sensors which recognize threats whenever fluctuations are sensed in their vicinity. The system identifies the intruder’s movements as soon as he enters the detection line. Seismo is a passive sensor installed in buried application and, cannot be detected nor sabotaged and does not change the area’s appearance.


The system is self-learning algorithm has an extremely high recognition level of diverse threats with minimum false alerts. The system is able to recognize a range of threats above and below ground, such as: footsteps, moving vehicles, digging actions or other intrusions.

When an activity is registered in the protected area, the seismic sensor produces a signal which is processed in real time through an advanced algorithm. The algorithm is based on “machine learning – AI” that can identify and classify the type of activity that has been registered. Not every seismic vibration generates an alarm.


The Seismo is an outdoor seismic detector, which can be integrated with any existing security or alarm system.

 Seismic Sensor Is a Buried Intrusion Detection System

  1. Detection Resolution of 20-30'/6-10m from the sensor
  2. Plug & Play Installation
  3. Detects Footsteps, Vehicles movements and Digging
  4. No Training or Special Tools Needed
  5. Event Classification.
  6. Software Integration with RBtec Intrudalert


The Seismo is installed underground and is able to recognize footsteps and vehicles movements in its detection zone.

T he Seismo is resistant to extreme environmental conditions such as weather & temperature changes and can work in large variety of terrains with no interference by vegetation or strong winds.

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Sub-category RBtec
Brand RBtec